Fake news is a huge problem because while misinformation on the surface might seem like a small thing, it could lead to incorrect perceptions, which in turn could fuel one’s prejudice towards a particular subject, race, religion, and so on. This is why many companies are working to clamp down on it.

In fact it seems that the BBC will be taking things one step further (via Engadget) by educating school kids on how to spot fake news. How they will do this is by sending reporters to various schools and events to educate children on how to spot fake articles, as well as release digital resources, and also teach kids how to think more critically about what they read online, so as to be better at separating fact from fiction.

There will also be a game developed by Aardman that will put students on the floor of a newsroom. According to Director-General of the BBC Tony Hall, “We at the BBC have a real responsibility here. By sharing our journalistic expertise, we want to give young people the skills and awareness they need to be confident about identifying the real news stories, and calling out the fakes.”

It is an interesting approach and we have to wonder if there are plans for other organizations to do the same for school kids in other parts of the world.

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