Comcast doesn’t have the best of reputations and recent reports are not going to help the company improve its image. According to reports, the company signed up users for a deception protection plan without their consent. The plan in question is called the Service Protection Plan or SPP. It costs users $6 per month. The plan apparently provides little to no value for $6 per month.

The reports stem from an amendment to an existing lawsuit against Comcast that was filed last year. A statement by the Attorney General of Washington mentions that the plan’s mandate extends to a diagnosis of the program. It doesn’t do much to actually cut down the cost of repairs for the customer.

“[The plan] simply covers the technician visiting the customer’s house and declaring that the customer’s equipment is broken,” the statement mentions.

The lawsuit against Comcast has been amended to claim that Comcast signed up many of its customers in the Washington area for the Service Protection Plan without their consent. Most of the calls to customers in which representatives tried to sell them this plan reportedly never mentioned the SPP.

Others allegedly told customers that the plan was being added to their accounts for free. Some reports even suggest that even customers who explicitly refused to sign up for this program ended up being signed up by Comcast reps anyway.

The Attorney General now believes that Comcast has violated the state’s Consumer Protection Act “over 1.8 million times,” adding that these types of deceptive practices were discovered in more than 50 percent of a random sample of SSP enrollments that were reviewed by the state.

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