Gmail Updated To Support The iPhone X’s Display

When Apple initially launched the iPhone 5 which came with a slightly larger display, it took a while before many developers eventually updated their apps to support the larger screen. With the iPhone X, it seems that we’re going through those motions again, but for Gmail users you guys are set.

Google has recently released an update for the Gmail app in which they have updated it to support the iPhone X’s display. What this means is that the app will now play nicely with the larger and higher resolution display, thus taking every little bit of available screen real estate, as opposed to before where there was a lot of wasted space.

The app’s functionality remains unchanged, although there will be a new feature in which Google is allowing users to add non-Google email addresses via IMAP. This was launched a couple of months ago in October on Android, and we guess it is finally making its way onto iOS devices as well.

Gmail is the most recent app by Google that the company has updated for the iPhone X. Previously Google updated its Google Maps app to support the new iPhone X display, and we expect that over time more companies will start to update their apps with support.

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