The Google Home can do many things, such as controlling your smart home devices, but now users can add one more thing it can do to the list, which is the ability to send users directions from the Google Home to their Pixel handset. The latest feature of Google Home was confirmed by a tweet by the @MadeByGoogle account.

According to the tweet, “Google Home can now send directions straight to your Pixel, hands-free. Perfect when you’re wrapped up and ready to roll.” This isn’t exactly a new feature per se, where in the past users could send directions from Google Maps on their computer to their mobile device or even to their car.

However this addition to Google Home does make it a tad more convenient since you can now use your voice. Whether or not the search results for the location is what you’re after and is accurate is a different story, but the convenience will be there for those who are interested in taking it for a spin.

Prior to this, users could send their search results from Google Home to their phone, such as calendar information, a shopping list, the weather, movie times, and so on. The feature should already be live so if you are interested in trying it out, fire up your Google Home and you should be good to go.

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