Two-Wheeler Mode Introduced To Google Maps

Just last month, Waze introduced an update that brought about motorcycle mode that was aimed at motorcyclists. Given that Google owns Waze, we suppose it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that Google will be bringing that feature over onto Google Maps, although it should be noted that the feature will be launched in India first.

According to Google, “Two-wheeler mode in Maps shows trip routes that use “shortcuts” not accessible to cars and trucks. It also provides customized traffic and arrival time estimations. And since so many Indians rely on local landmarks for navigation, two-wheeler mode will show major landmarks on the route so that riders can plan their trip before starting, and don’t have to keep checking the phone on the go.”

Google notes the reason behind launching it in India first, saying that India is the largest market in the world for two-wheelers. However the good news for those who ride bikes and live in a different country, Google expects that the feature will come to your market at a later date, but no specifics were mentioned.

In recent times we’ve seen how Google has chosen to focus their efforts in India where it has a developing market. This has come in the form of Android One devices, and now a Google Maps feature that India will be able to enjoy first before the rest of the world.

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