Google is a company with many products and services under its umbrella, with some products being focused on more than others. An example would be Android, in which unsurprisingly Google is giving it a lot of attention given how we are so reliant on our mobile phones these days, and also how Android is the most dominant smartphone OS.

However Google also has other products such as Android TV, which only at this year’s Google I/O did the company announce their plans for a major redesign of the platform (finally). To that end, it seems that Google will be phasing out legacy recommendations on Android TV, which is basically part of the home screen ever since its inception.

According to Google, “Over the next year, we will phase out the automatic generation of channels. Instead of generating multiple channels, one for each app’s legacy recommendations, we will insert one channel for all legacy recommendations. This channel will appear at the bottom of the channel list. Users can move or remove it. When a user upgrades to Android O, the previous recommendation row from Android N (and below) becomes a channel at the bottom of the home screen.”

That being said, we have to wonder with these changes could it hint at Google’s plan for more Android TV devices in the future?

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