Earlier this year, Lyft introduced a new accessibility feature for those who are hearing impaired, but for those who might be visually impaired, not to worry as Lyft has something for you guys as well. The company has recently announced a partnership with Aira in which it will help improve the accessibility for those who are visually impaired.

For those unfamiliar with Aira, they are an assistive service with real-life trained agents that rely on AR/VR to help provide assistance to those who are visually impaired. According to Lyft, “Visually impaired riders can now use Lyft with Aira’s assistance, leveraging wearable smart glasses and an augmented reality dashboard to receive essential ride information.”

Aira adds, “Upon request, Aira agents can now initiate Lyft rides and convey important information about the ride, including the location of designated pick-up spots, estimated time of pick-up, and the estimated fare. They can also share the driver’s name and vehicle information to identify the ride, then track the ride, ensure the drop off location, and finally, as needed, provide navigational information to users as they walk the last 50 feet to their destination.”

Lyft has also announced a special promotion for Aira customers, where if they enter “AIRA” as a promotional code they can get $5 off two rides.

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