As a developer, Blizzard loves celebrating the various holidays and loves translating those holidays into their games, such as the Lunar Festival in World of Warcraft which is meant to be Blizzard’s take on Chinese New Year; Love is in the Air in World of Warcraft for Valentine’s Day; and Winter Wonderland in Overwatch which is meant to be Christmas.


The event was introduced last year and if you were interested in seeing it come back this year, you’ll be pleased to learn that in a developer update video uploaded onto YouTube, Blizzard has confirmed that the Winter Wonderland event will be returning to Overwatch this year and will be playable on the 12th of December.

According to Overwatch’s director Jeff Kaplan, he confirmed that Legendary skins will be available, such as a Legendary Hanzo skin that was teased in the comics, along with Legendary skins for Junkrat and Roadhog. There will also be an event called Mei’s Yeti Hunt, where six Mei characters will get to fight and try to defeat one yeti, which will basically be played by Winston, all of whom will be controlled by actual players.

It sounds like it will be a pretty fun update so if you did enjoy last year’s Winter Wonderland event, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for this year’s event.

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