Razer is a company known for building gaming peripherals. In fact everything about them is more or less about gaming, which is why when the company announced the Razer Phone, it was a phone that was also catered towards gamers. This is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that the company’s latest product is also one created for gaming in mind.


Razer has recently announced a collaboration with Ignition Design Labs, who for those unfamiliar is the creator behind the Portal wireless mesh router. By working together, both companies have tweaked the Portal router and tuned it specifically for gaming, which on paper is meant to help gamers reduce lag which should ideally improve your online gaming experience.

This includes FastLanes Simultaneous Multi-Channel DFS technology, which “enables your devices to operate in exclusive radar-protected channels avoiding unreliable & slow WiFi in peak hours”. There is also the SmartLanes Intelligent Active Traffic and Interference Avoidance technology that helps steer devices towards uncrowded channels.

We’re also looking at Quad-Stream 802.11ac with Wave-2 MU-MIMO technology, advanced QoS management, and Mesh 2.0 that helps to blanket your home with WiFi up to 6,000 square feet. For gamers who are interested, the Portal is being sold via Razer’s store for $150 and is expected to expand in availability in Q1 2018.

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