As highly-regarded as Google’s new Pixel 2 handsets are, it seems that quality control is really an aspect that Google needs to be working on, or at least an area they need to bring up with their manufacturing partners because it looks like a new problem has been discovered in the form of rattling speakers.

When the Pixel 2 handsets were launched, users encountered a myriad of problems with it, and now some Pixel 2 XL handset owners are claiming that they can hear their speakers rattle even when the volume isn’t maxed out. At this point it isn’t clear if it is a hardware or software issues, but some users have claimed that the problem wasn’t present earlier on.

This would seem to suggest that maybe some speaker component might have gotten loose and the rattling could come from the vibrations. So far the only solution seems to be sending the device in and exchanging it for a new one, and while this shouldn’t prove to be an issue, the inconvenience of having to do so and being without a phone is no doubt one that users would have love to avoid.

In the meantime you can hear the issue for yourself in the video above recorded by Android Police’s Artem Russakovskii.

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