Twitter has offered the two-factor authentication security feature to its users for quite some time now. However, the implementation left a lot to be desired. It was the less secure SMS-based verification that its 2FA system relied upon. The company has finally released an update to its platform security which allows users to rely on third-party authentication apps for two-factor login authentication for their Twitter accounts.


There are plenty of third-party authentication apps that can be used to identify a login. These include Google Authenticator and Duo Mobile. This is considered to be safer than the old SMS-based verification system for two-factor authentication.

This is considered to be safer before there can be instances when an attacker takes over the victim’s mobile account. For example, they could just request a new SIM for the user’s account by tricking a human service agent.

It’s much more difficult to break into an authenticator app. Besides, the app will keep the layer of security in place even if the user loses access to their phone or changes their number.

Twitter has detailed the process to enable third-party app support for login verification on its website. It involves generating a QR code which will then be scanned using the third-party authenticator app.

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