With the number of products and services that are available for subscription these days, the amount that we end up paying on a monthly basis can be quite a lot. For example you can subscribe to music and video streaming services, photo storage services, cloud storage services, app subscriptions, and more.

Now it looks like Amazon has decided to add one more subscription to that list: a subscription for Oreo cookies. Yup, the online retail giant has recently started to sell subscriptions for an Oreo cookie box that you can get on a monthly basis. Customers can choose between 3 months, 6 months, or even 12 months.

So what do you get for your subscription? Every subscription will nab users two Oreo snacks, such as cookies or sometimes even candy bars, that are a combination of classics as well as new flavors. There will also be a one-of-a-kind Oreo gift and recipe card, and also a nice box that it all comes together in.

Note that this actually does not come cheap with a 3-month subscription priced at $60, make it equivalent to $20 a month, which is essentially what you’ll be pay for two packets of cookies or candies, but if you think the other stuff that comes bundled is worth the difference, then by all means go ahead and subscribe.

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