If you’re not an anime fan you may not be aware that Amazon has been running an anime service called Anime Strike. It was a streaming platform that provided subscribers access to a wide variety of anime titles. However, the company has now decided to fold this little-known service into its main Prime Video streaming service. This means that users no longer have to pay extra for the privilege to stream the anime catalog.

Amazon previously required Prime Video members to pay $5 per month over and above what they were paying for the Prime membership. Subscribers were already paying $99 per year for the Prime Video membership and many wouldn’t have been thrilled to have to pay an additional $5 per month just for Anime Strike.

That wasn’t the only problem. Anime Strike was limited to the United States which meant that the service’s potential audience was limited to people based in the country as opposed to the global member base of Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon has now confirmed that the Anime Strike service is no more and that its shows have now been made available to Prime Video members. This includes all of the exclusives that were available on Anime Strike such as Inuyashiki and Re:CREATORS which were not available on other platforms like Funimation and Crunchyroll.

The company told Kotaku that it decided to make this move “so that more customers can enjoy this content as part of their Prime membership.”

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