So we know that skins in Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) can fetch quite a high price, but how much would you pay for a rare skin in the game? A couple hundred? A thousand? Turns out that there are some out there who are particularly hardcore because according to reports, a CS:GO fan spent $60,000 on a rare rifle skin.

To be more specific, that person spent $61,052.63 which is the most expensive CS:GO transaction to have ever taken place, at least based on public records. The skin in question, Dragon Lore, was purchased via OPSkins and what makes it worth so much is that for starters it is a very rare skin from the game’s Cobblestone Packages.

These packages are only dropped during a Major, which are third-party events sponsored by Valve, which means that it’s not something that regular players can get during normal gameplay. Secondly what makes it so valuable is that it also comes with a sticker that has been “autographed” by Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, whose team Cloud9 had on the previous day became the first American team to win a Valve-sponsored CS:GO event.

Last but not least, the skin in question has been marked as “factory new”, meaning that it is as good as skins get in terms of quality. According to the skin’s seller, he himself had purchased it for $35,000 before reselling it for twice the price.

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