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Valve Launches A $1/month Stat Tracking Service For CS:GO
Stats are important in games, especially if you’re an amateur looking to take their gaming skills to the next level. This is because stats can tell us a lot about our gameplay and where we might be weak and areas that we can improve upon. If you’re looking to take your CS:GO skills to the next level, you’re in luck.

Source Code For Team Fortress 2 And Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Leaked
Apart from copyright issues, one of the possible reasons why we imagine that most companies are too thrilled about fan-run servers for their games is because they can’t control the code that is being executed on these servers. From a security standpoint, it means that developers cannot guarantee that it is 100% safe for gamers.

Gamers Are Upset That Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Is Free-To-Play
Last week Valve made an interesting decision by announcing that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) will now be free-to-play. The game was never particularly expensive but we suppose by removing the cost of the game, it would open it up to more gamers, which is a good thing, right?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Is Now Free-To-Play
In the early days of Counter-Strike where it existed as a mod of Half-Life, it was pretty much free-to-play, where anyone could get their hands on it. However ultimately when Valve decided to launch Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the company made it a paid title. Granted it wasn’t the most expensive game we’ve seen, but it was definitely a change.


CS:GO Fan Spends $60,000 On Super Rare Rifle Skin
So we know that skins in Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) can fetch quite a high price, but how much would you pay for a rare skin in the game? A couple hundred? A thousand? Turns out that there are some out there who are particularly hardcore because according to reports, a CS:GO fan spent $60,000 on a rare rifle skin.

Counter-Strike, DotA 2 Tournaments Will Now Exclusively Stream Via Facebook
Recently Blizzard and Twitch came to an agreement in which the Overwatch League would be broadcasted on the platform. This decision proved to be a huge success, racking up over 10 million viewers in its first week. Now it seems like ESL wants the same thing, except that with Facebook.

Valve Introduces ‘Trust’ System To Combat Counter-Strike: GO Cheating
Cheating is a problem in Valve’s Counter-Strike: GO game, and it looks like the company has decided that their previous attempts at curbing cheating was not as effective as it could be, and they have since announced a new system that they are calling “Trust”. This is essentially an expansion of the Prime system that was used before.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gets Glove Skins
One of the features of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is that gamers can get skins for their weapons. Some skins, especially those for knives, can fetch a pretty penny in real-life. Apparently these are pretty hot ticket items. Now it seems that gamers have more skins to look forward to in the form of glove skins.

Largest Counter-Strike Betting Site Now Wants To Go Legit
If you’re up to date with everything related to Counter-Strike then you might know about CSGO Lounge which is the largest Counter-Strike skin betting website. Valve recently shot them down with a cease-and-desist letter and the site has said that it’s planning to comply with the letter but in a different way. It’s now trying to go legit. CSGO Lounge is applying to get a proper gambling license.

Counter-Strike Player Sues Valve Over Alleged Gambling
Back in the days when Counter-Strike was still new-ish, stuff like spray paints were simply a way to taunt your enemies or to declare your victory, nothing more, nothing less. These days Valve has found a way to make it more attractive by creating skins for guns and sprays that are actually worth quite a bit, unfortunately it seems that it has recently landed them in some hot water.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Is Not Giftable During The Summer Sale
As you might have heard, the Steam Summer Sale of 2016 is currently underway. Users will be able to buy all sorts of games and even gift games to their friends if they want, except for one game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For some reason it seems that the game is not giftable and Valve has explained why.

Valve Wants Your Phone Number To Help Counter-Strike Matchmaking
When it comes to matchmaking players with other players when it comes to gaming, there isn’t a perfect formula yet. For example some systems might try to match players based on their win-lose ratio, but this might not necessarily be fair as sometimes players can simply create new accounts and start on a clean slate.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Is Now Playable On Android
There have been many versions of Counter-Strike that have been released over the years, but safe to say that many veterans are probably reminiscing about one of the “original” versions of the game, which is Counter-Strike 1.6. Now if you did grow up playing that version of Counter-Strike, how about playing it on your phone?

Counter-Strike Player Tricks Cheaters Into Getting Themselves Banned
Every game has cheaters, whether it be cheating where they are working off a bug or an exploit, or if it is a full hack of the game where the cheating is a lot more severe. Naturally no one likes a cheater, but one Counter-Strike player has decided to do something about it. Posting on Reddit as AndroidL, what he has done he has managed to get cheaters to oust […]

Valve Finally Gets Around To Fixing Counter-Strike’s Sound
It would seem that despite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive having been around for a while now that there are still issues remaining that Valve has not fixed. For example one of the issues that gamers have frequently brought up are sound problems within the game, and it looks like Valve has finally gotten around to fixing it.According to a recent post on the Counter-Strike blog, Valve has detailed some of the […]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Will Be Updated To Source 2 One Day
When playing video games, you usually expect that the look of the game is pretty much set. Sure, some tweaks here and there will help improve it, but for the most part you can expect the game to keep its look until a sequel has been announced. Valve changed that with DotA 2 when they announced DotA 2 Reborn.For those unfamiliar, this basically gave the game a massive overhaul in […]

Valve Uncertain About Counter-Strike Getting Its Own Championship
If you played computer games back in the early 2000s, chances are you have heard of or even played Counter-Strike. The game still exists today and has been upgraded and updated to its current form, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Now there are plenty of Counter-Strike tournaments being held all over the world, but will we ever get to see a Valve-organized one?Unfortunately if you were hoping that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would […]

Counter-strike: Global Offensive Gets New Halloween Update
At the end of this month, chances are pretty high that you will have received invitations to various Halloween parties, and while you are still up in the air as to which particular fancy dress costume to go in, without being a repeat vampire, mummy or zombie, why not skip all of the social engagements out there and decide to spend the time at home, playing some Counter-strike: Global Offensive? […]

Counter-Strike Game Interrupted When SWAT Kicks Down The Door
Swatting, for those who might not have heard of it, is a term used to describe a dangerous “prank” where someone will call the cops and claim that there is an incident going on at another person’s house, after which law enforcement could call SWAT teams over to check it out and to diffuse the situation.It is dangerous because people could potentially get hurt in the process, but unfortunately despite […]

Server Plug-In Allows Super Mario Bros. To Be Played Within A Counter-Strike Game
Ever wonder what it might be like to play a video game within a video game? Sure there are games like that out there where they offer smaller arcade-type games within the main game itself, take StarCraft 2 for instance, but what about playing an actual console game within a game of a totally different genre and platform? If that has managed to pique your interest, the Sourcemod Entertainment System, […]