These days one of the tactics that we’re seeing developers and publishers use when it comes to trying to squeeze more money out from gamers, it would be in the form of DLCs, where the core game is released and is later followed up by additional content that can be purchased for a price, or in some cases they come with a season pass which contains multiple DLCs.


If you’re not a fan of season passes and what they represent, you’ll be pleased to learn that Sony’s upcoming God of War title will not have it. This was confirmed by the game’s director Cory Balrog in a post on Twitter where he stated that God of War will not have a season pass. However we should note that the absence of a season pass does not mean that the game won’t have DLCs.

It is entirely possible that there will be DLCs for God of War, but perhaps those are still being planned which is why a season pass isn’t available (yet). Alternatively there might be only one, or maybe no DLCs at all, which does seem a bit odd by today’s release standards. Either way we’ll have to wait and see when the game is launched, which at the moment is still up in the air as Sony has yet to confirm a date.

In the meantime a recent GameStop listing has revealed the God of War Stone Mason Edition which comes with a bunch of goodies in addition to the game. The listing has also fueled speculation that a release date could be announced soon.

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