Image credit – Wilf Moralee/Google Product Forums

These days with high-resolution displays, seeing pixelated images almost feels like a thing of the past. Unfortunately sometimes mistakes happen, which seems to be the case for some Android Auto users who are claiming that their Android Auto head units are looking “pixelated”, as you can see in the image above.

There is a smattering of reports posted on the Google Product Forums where it doesn’t seem like the issue is limited to a particular car brand/make/model. Some have suggested that it could be a h264 encoding/decoding error and have suggested that switching views will help, or launching another app and returning to Android Auto.

This seems to have worked but it is a temporary fix as the problem seems to popup again shortly after. The good news is that Google has acknowledged that this is a problem and that they will be looking into it and will be working with the Android OS team to fix it. No word on when the fix will be released, so it looks like until then, Android Auto users have no choice but to wait.

However it seems that the pixelation doesn’t seem to be too bad, where it renders Android Auto completely unusable, although admittedly it does seem to be rather annoying.

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