As far as operating systems are concerned, we know that Google has its Chrome OS and Android, the former designed for laptops while the latter is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world. However in recent times we have heard the rumors that Google could have a new OS in the works codenamed Fuchsia.

Google has yet to publicly announce what Fuchsia OS is going to be about and what it is supposed to do, but according to a report from Android Police, it seems that the OS is now being tested on the Pixelbook. This is according to the platform’s documentation in which a new page about installing Fuchsia on the Pixelbook was added.

It is interesting that Fuchsia has been ported onto the Pixelbook which is currently running Chrome OS. Prior to this, many had speculated that Fuchsia could be some kind of hybrid operating system that combines both desktop and mobile functionality into a single platform, thus allowing users to seamlessly swap between their computers and smartphones.

As it stands Chrome OS already allows the running of Android apps, so perhaps Fuchsia could be an evolution of that. In any case there’s no telling on when Google might share details about the platform, but Google I/O 2018 is taking place later this year so perhaps this is the year Google could finally announce something.

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