When Blizzard launched the Legion expansion for World of Warcraft, one of the features they introduced is level scaling. Basically what this meant is that gamers can choose whichever area they want to quest in and it will scale according to their level, although this was only limited to those who were of a certain level already and it only applied to the new zones.


However it looks like Blizzard is rolling out level scaling across the entire game. This was initially promised at BlizzCon 2017 last year, and now it is happening with patch 7.3.5. This is actually a pretty huge change for gamers because in the past, gamers had to follow a “path” when leveling, as different zones had different level monsters and quests, but with level scaling, it gives players more freedom.

Of course they won’t be able to just jump to zones like Outland or Northrend when they are level 1, but the scaling will be more generous so that players won’t have to feel too restricted when playing. Gamers who are interested can actually find more detailed information on the various zones and their levels on Wowhead’s website. The patch should already be live so if you haven’t launched the game in recent times, you can do so and the patch should download automatically.

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