Reddit two-factor authentication is now being rolled out to all users. The site has been testing this additional layer of security with moderators, beta users, and third-party app developers for months. All Reddit users can finally protect their accounts using two-factor authentication. It works across mobile, desktop, and third-party apps. The security feature requires users to use an authenticator app like Authy, Google Authenticator or any such app that has support for the Time-based One-Time Password protocol.

The two-factor authentication option provides more security to Reddit accounts by requiring a second step to sign in. In this case, users who opt-in for this feature will need to enter a six-digit verification code generated by their phone after a new sign-in attempt.

This means that even if someone else obtains the username and password for a Reddit account, they will not be able to log in as that user. Reddit users can enable this feature by selecting the password/email tab under preferences on desktop. They just need to click on enable under two-factor authentication and then follow the on-screen instructions to protect their account with 2FA.

Reddit’s two-factor authentication option is also capable of generating ten backup codes which can be used to access the account in case the user doesn’t have access to their phone or authenticator app.

Users should make sure that they store these single-use tokens somewhere safe. Hopefully, the majority of Reddit users will enable two-factor authentication on their accounts, it’s in their best interests.

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