The other day Capcom announced that Monster Hunter-themed costumes would be coming to Street Fighter as part of the celebration of the launch of Monster Hunter: World. Now it looks like the opposite is happening, where it looks like Street Fighter characters will be coming to Monster Hunter: World.

In an announcement by Capcom, it looks like two of Street Fighter’s more popular/recognizable characters Ryu and Sakura will be making their way into Monster Hunter: World. However we should note that these are basically armor sets that when fully equipped will make characters look like either Ryu or Sakura, and can be worn by either male or female hunters with appropriate voice acting to match Ryu or Sakura.

According to Capcom, “In just a few weeks, we’ll be featuring the quest to get Ryu’s set as an exclusive early opportunity to PS4 players that also have a save data file from Street Fighter V (including Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition). Hunters with that save data will receive a special quest called ‘Down the Dark, Muddy Path.’ Just channel your fighting spirit, complete that quest and you’ll get ‘SFV Tickets’ as the special reward item. Bring that, along with other necessary materials, to the Smithy and you got yourself a Ryu armor set!”

Capcom has also announced that there will be “premium gestures” in the game which lets players mimic the Hadouken and Shoryuken moves. These are sold separately and are priced at $3.99 each. Gamers who are interested in seeing the “crossover” can check out the trailer above.

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