If we ever hope to see self-driving cars become an actual thing that the public can use, then clearly a lot of testing needs to be done in order to prove to regulators that self-driving cars are indeed safe for the roads. Thankfully a lot of companies have been hard at work testing out their technology, and Waymo is one of them.


In a confirmation to TechCrunch, Waymo has revealed that they are indeed testing out their self-driving minivans on the streets of San Francisco. Given the hilly terrain of San Francisco, it seems like Waymo is interested in putting their self-driving technology to the test in a bid to see how far they’ve come.

In a statement by a Waymo spokesperson, “San Francisco was one of the first cities where we tested our self-driving cars, dating back to 2009 when we traveled everything from Lombard Street to the Golden Gate Bridge. Now that we have the world’s first fleet of fully self-driving cars running in Arizona, the hilly and foggy streets of San Francisco will give our cars even more practice in different terrains and environments.”

That being said we are probably still a long way off from being able to actually purchase a self-driving car, with the closest probably being Tesla’s Autopilot mode, which is more like an enhanced cruise control.

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