One of the perks of being part of Amazon’s Prime program is access to Prime Exclusive phones. These are phones that are priced incredibly cheap, but the downside is that you will have to deal with lockscreen ads. However you might have heard that Amazon has recently announced their plans to do away with ads.


So what about those who paid? The good news is that according to Android Police, Amazon will be refunding customers who paid for ad removal. For those unfamiliar, customers who bought Prime Exclusive phones had the option of paying an amount to remove ads from the phone, so as you can imagine Amazon’s recent announcement has probably irked many who paid for the feature.

According to the email that Amazon has been sending customers, Amazon will be refunding customers who paid for the ad removal through the form of an Gift Card. The amount will vary depending on the discount offered for each Prime Exclusive phone. This gift card will also be credited to the user’s Amazon account in the next 2-3 days, so do keep an eye out for it if you are one of those who paid and have received the email.

Obviously the gift card means that you can only use it on Amazon purchases, but considering the retailer’s wide selection, presumably you shouldn’t have any issues finding something to buy.

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