Update – Apparently not anymore. According to Google, this was a “miscommunication with the team”. We guess Android users will just have to keep waiting for dark mode.

For several years now we have seen Google tease the possibility of dark mode coming to Android. While dark mode in some apps are available, what many users are looking for is a system-wide implementation of the feature. Now in the past Google has teased the feature going back to Android Marshmallow and also Android Nougat.

However for whatever reasons, none of them made the final cut, but it seems that Android P could be our next chance. This is according to a report from 9to5Google who noticed on the Google Issue Tracker that a user had put in a request for dark mode to be added to Android 9.0, in which they cited battery savings on OLED displays as a potential benefit.

However for a while the thread remained silent, until more recently where Google responded to the thread by marking the issue as “fixed”. A Googler who responded also revealed that the engineering team has added the feature which will be available in a “future Android release”, which presumably will be Android P.

Whether or not it will make the final cut remains to be seen, but based on Google’s past releases the developer preview for Android P should be coming soon, which means that we should be able to find out if the feature really has been added to Android.

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