Considering what bitcoin is worth, we’re sure that nobody would turn down owning one bitcoin, if not part of it. Now it seems that over in Australia, juice company Boost Juice have announced a competition in which they will be giving away four bitcoins over the next month to their customers.

All these customers have to do is submit their guesses as to how much bitcoin will be worth by the time the competition comes to a close, and the closest guesses will win. Of course this is predicated on customers buying a juice from the company to start, where every purchase you make will give customers a chance at submitting a guess, so obviously the more juice you buy, the more guesses you get to make.

As it stands and based on CoinDesk’s website, bitcoin is worth at around $10,800. As expected the price of the cryptocurrency tends to fluctuate, and sometimes rather wildly based on what we’re seeing, which is why it is really anyone’s guess as to how much it could be worth in a week’s time, but then again we suppose that’s what makes this a competition.

At this time the competition seems to be limited to Australia, despite the fact that Boost Juice does operate in many parts of the world. With four bitcoins to giveaway, it also means that the company could end up paying out as much as AUD$52,000 based on current pricing. For our readers in Australia who want to take part, head on over to Boost Juice’s website for the details.

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