Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao Launches His Own Cryptocurrency

When it comes to currencies, each country has its own. However, with decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, it seems that just about anyone can launch their own version of it. In fact, boxing legend and champion Manny Pacquiao has recently announced his own cryptocurrency called Pac.

Telegram To Push Ahead With Its Own ‘Gram’ Cryptocurrency

These days more companies are looking to launch their own cryptocurrencies. Facebook announced their own plans earlier this year and now it looks like Telegram wants in as well. This is actually not the first time that Telegram expressed interest in launching their own cryptocurrency.

Nuclear Plant Employees Arrested For Stealing Electricity To Mine Cryptocurrency

There is a reason why not everyone is mining for cryptocurrencies in their own home. This is because the mining process requires quite a bit of powerful hardware (which is why at some point in time, the prices of GPUs were going up) and also a lot of electricity, meaning that you could actually end up spending more than you make if you’re not successful.

Facebook’s Libra Association Is Already Being Investigated By Antitrust Regulators

Following all the privacy and data-related scandals of Facebook, we’re sure that there were many who were surprised that the company was still bold enough to announce its Libra cryptocurrency which probably involves giving the social networking platform a fair amount of your trust.


Facebook Cautions Investors That Its Libra Cryptocurrency Might Not Launch

Back in June, Facebook announced their plans for their own cryptocurrency called Libra. However, given the apprehension surrounding cryptocurrency and also Facebook’s recent data and privacy related scandals, there were some who called on Facebook not to proceed with its launch.

US Government Expresses Concern That Facebook’s ‘Libra’ Could Be Used For Terrorism

Back in June, Facebook announced its own cryptocurrency called Libra. When it was announced, the US government immediately expressed their concerns about the technology. Now it seems that some of those concerns could be related to terrorism, at least that’s the perspective that the US Treasury has.

Facebook Officially Announces Its ‘Libra’ Cryptocurrency

According to a report the other day, it was suggested that Facebook was in the process of getting ready to launch its own cryptocurrency. It shouldn’t be too surprising that Facebook is interested in getting into cryptocurrency due to the popularity technology, and sure enough they have.

Study Finds The Majority Of Bitcoin Trading Is A Hoax

While the price of bitcoin has come down a bit compared to its peak, it is still very lucrative and it’s not surprising that many out there want to get into it. However it seems that according to a report from Bitwise, many scammers are aware of this and are taking advantage of it by launching various bitcoin scams.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Come With Its Own Cryptocurrency Wallet

If you’re someone who is dabbling in cryptocurrency and have a few stashed away, then maybe the Samsung Galaxy S10 could be the phone for you. This is because Samsung has confirmed that the recently-announced Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature its own cryptocurrency wallet called the Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

HTC Exodus Blockchain Smartphone Can Now Be Bought With Real Money

Last year HTC announced the HTC Exodus, a blockchain smartphone. It seemed like a rather novel idea, and to make it even more novel, HTC later announced that customers could buy the phone using only cryptocurrency. However if you were interested in the handset but do not own cryptocurrency, you’re in luck.

New Galaxy S10 Leak Reveals Cryptocurrency Wallet Feature

We expect that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 will pack the latest hardware as far as flagship phones of 2019 are concerned. We believe that the phone might also come with new software features, such as improved camera software, but now it seems that Samsung could be trying their hand at supporting cryptocurrency.

Facebook Could Be Developing Its Own Cryptocurrency For WhatsApp

If you’re looking to transfer money to friends or family members over mobile, there are several ways to go about doing that. There is PayPal, there is Venmo, there is Apple Pay, and so on. Now we have heard that WhatsApp has been working on a money transfer feature, and a report from Bloomberg has revealed that Facebook could be planning on using cryptocurrency to do so.

HTC Exodus Is A Blockchain-Powered Smartphone

Cryptocurrency is a big thing, so much so that we’re starting to see many mainstream tech companies get into it. Take for example Facebook who according to the latest rumors, might be developing their own cryptocurrency. Now it looks like HTC wants in on it as well and have teased an upcoming smartphone called the HTC Exodus.

Facebook Reportedly Planning Their Own Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin might be the most popular cryptocurrency at the moment, but it is definitely not the only one. There are plenty of different cryptocurrencies out there and now it looks like Facebook plans on launching their own. This is according to a report from Cheddar who claims that they have heard from sources regarding Facebook’s plans.