When the latest title in the DOOM franchise was released in 2016, it made its way onto your typical platforms, such as the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. However last year the game also found its way onto the Switch, which given the hybrid nature of the console was a very interesting choice for Bethesda.

Now it looks like the company is actually doubling down on the fact that the game is on the Switch, and have recently announced an update to the game that brings about support for motion controls. What this means is that in the video below, you can play DOOM in handheld mode and as you pan the console around, you can actually aim in the game that way.

We’re not sure if this makes it better for aiming, but the option is there for gamers who prefer playing with tilt controls rather than on the joysticks. In addition to support for motion controls, Bethesda also announced that the update will introduce a new party system that makes playing with friends in multiplayer easier.

There are also some improvements made to the game in terms of average resolution in certain areas of the game, CPU optimizations, and also the addition of Chinese language support. There will also be a bunch of bug fixes that could be worth checking out as well.

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