It used to be that cameras on phones were a novelty feature, but over time we started to see how cameras on phones had the potential to replace point-and-shoot cameras, especially given the fact that we bring our phones everywhere with us. This has prompted smartphone makers to keep pushing the boundaries of what phone cameras can do.

Of course not every phone packs an amazing camera as it depends on a variety of things, such as hardware and software, and while the Essential Phone does come with some really nice hardware, one of the negative things we found in our review is the camera performance which was a bit lackluster. However Essential is hoping to change that with the latest update.

In a recent update that has been pushed out to the phone, it seems that the company is finally adding auto-HDR mode to the camera. What does this mean? Basically this means that the phone’s camera will be able to detect if the current scene will look better with HDR turned on, and will do so automatically without the user having to do anything.

Prior to this, users had to manually turn HDR on/off, which can be a bit inefficient especially if you don’t want to miss your shot. The update should already be live and if you have automatic updates enabled, your phone’s camera app should update itself.

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