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Android Q Beta 5 Has Rolled Out To The Essential Phone
While the Essential Phone might not have received the warm welcome that the company hoped it would, the upside is that the company seems to be quite on the ball when it comes to updates. They were one of the first few handset makers to roll out the Android 9.0 Pie update for their phone, and now it seems that they could be on track to do the same with […]

Essential May Soon Launch A New Phone
It has been a while since Essential launched a new smartphone. There were rumors that perhaps we may never get to see one from the company again. That notion has seemingly been dispelled by the founder and CEO of Essential, Andy Rubin. He has tweeted out what can only be described as an acknowledgment that there’s going to be a new product announcement soon.

Latest Essential Phone Update Adds Google’s Digital Wellbeing
It is only to the benefit of handset makers if you spend a lot of time on their devices. This means that you get more entrenched into their ecosystem, use their apps and services, and potentially makes you a loyal customer for life. However in more recent times, these companies have started to introduce features that actually try to discourage users from overusing their devices.

The Essential Phone Has Been Officially Discontinued
Many were understandably hyped up about the Essential Phone. After all it is a phone made by a company founded by one of Android’s creators, so who better to create an Android phone than one of its original creators, right? Unfortunately the device did leave much to be desired and apparently cancelled the development of its second phone.


Essential’s Audio Adapter Is Now Available For Purchase
The Essential Phone was launched without a headphone jack, much like quite a number of smartphones these days. However the company later announced that they would be launching an audio adapter which is basically an external accessory that brings back the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Essential Has Cut 30% Of Its Staff
Many had a lot of hopes for the Essential Phone. This is because Essential was founded by Andy Rubin who helped create Android, so who better to create an Android phone than one of the creators of Android, right? Unfortunately the device wasn’t the smashing success many had hoped for, and now it looks like things are looking a tad bleak for the company.

Essential's Audio Adapter Stops By The FCC
The problem with smartphones these days is that many are starting to ditch the headphone jack. We imagine that in the next few years when wireless headphones become ubiquitous that this will no longer be an issue, but for now there are still many out there who rely on wired headphones which means buying adapters and dongles.

Essential Phone Audio Adapter HD Is Coming Soon
With more handset makers ditching the headphone jack, what many have opted to do is instead bundle USB-C to 3.5mm adapters with their phones. However Essential decided to do something else, as you might recall, because earlier this year the company announced that they would be launching the Audio Adapter HD attachment.

New Android Pie Update May Bring Back Essential Phone Notch Settings
The Essential Phone was one of the first Android-powered devices with a notched display. It came with the notch settings feature on Android Oreo which allowed users to customize who each app used the notch and status bar area. These settings were removed with the Android 9 Pie update that was recently released for the handset. The Essential Phone notch settings may return with a future Android Pie update.

Essential Phone Android 9 Pie Update Rolling Out On Sprint
The Essential Phone was the first non-Pixel smartphone to receive the Android 9 Pie update. Google released the update earlier this month and the Pixel handsets were the first to get it in addition to the Essential Phone, the device made by the company founded by the co-founder of Android. It was the unlocked variant that got it first and it’s now being rolled out for the Sprint variant.

Android 9.0 Pie Update Now Available For The Essential Phone
The problem with non-Pixel smartphones is that they are usually slow when it comes to receiving Android updates, especially major ones. However in the case of the Essential Phone, it seems that the folks at Essential wasted no time because shortly after Google announced the release of Android 9.0 Pie, Essential made the update available for their flagship handset.

Essential's New Modular Accessory Brings A Headphone Jack
Essential hasn’t said much about its plans for the future amid reports that the company has canceled its second smartphone and may even be putting itself up for sale. While maintaining radio science on those important questions, Essential has now launched its second modular accessory for the Essential Phone and it brings a standard 3.5mm headphone jack aside from an enhanced audio experience.

Essential Phone Android P Beta Released
Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s smartphone company Essential has only released one device so far, the Essential Phone, and while it was expected that a successor would be released in 2018 recent reports have been on the contrary. Essential has canceled the device and is believed to be putting itself up for sale. Despite all of that drama, the company today released the Android P beta for the Essential Phone.

Essential Phone Will Receive Three Years Of Security Updates
Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android, launched a smartphone company called Essential a couple of years ago. The company subsequently released its first device, the Essential Phone, and as many were now waiting for its successor to arrive, it was reported that Essential had actually canceled the device and was even considering selling itself off. This has obviously led to speculation about ongoing support for the company’s existing devices and […]

Essential Reportedly Cancels Its Second Phone, Might Sell Itself Off
Last year Andy Rubin’s smartphone company Essential launched their first smartphone, the Essential Phone. It was a game changer in the sense that it introduced the notch in full screen smartphone displays, something that we’ve seen other OEMs start to mimic in their designs as well.

Latest Essential Camera Update Brings Speed Improvements
Essential, the new smartphone company founded by Android co-founder Andy Rubin, launched its first smartphone last year. The Essential Phone hasn’t really taken off but that was to be expected from a nascent smartphone manufacturer. One problem that many users complained about was that the handset’s camera app was painfully slow. Essential has now released a new update for its camera app which it says brings speed improvements.

Essential Phone Receives Yet Another Price Cut, Now Costs $400
Many were expecting great things from Essential and the Essential Phone PH-1. After all this is a company led by Android’s Andy Rubin and given his tenure and experience with Android and Google, it was expected that he would have taken all of that into creating a so-called “perfect” Android phone.

Essential Promises A Better Camera In Its Second-Gen Smartphone
The Essential Phone was launched last year and while we appreciated its minimalistic design and also how it might have kicked off the trend of notches in smartphone displays, one of our main gripes in our review was its poor camera performance in which it seemed to leave a lot to be desired.

Essential Phone Android 8.1 Oreo Update Rolling Out
Essential didn’t release a full Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Essential Phone. Even after three beta releases, the company felt that the update wasn’t stable enough for a public release. It then decided to skip the Android 8.0 Oreo release in favor of Android 8.1 in January this year and said at that time that the move would delay the release by “a couple of weeks.” A couple of […]

Amazon Exclusive 'Halo Gray' Essential Phone Comes With Alexa Built-In
Essential announced three new color options for its Essential Phone earlier this week. The handset can now be purchased in Stellar Gray, Copper Black, and Ocean Depths colors for $599. Essential has also announced the availability of another color option called Halo Gray. Unlike the others, it’s exclusive to Amazon and Essential says that this is the first Essential Phone “to come with Alexa built-in.”The Amazon-exclusive Halo Gray Essential Phone […]