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One of the new features Apple introduced in iOS 11 is the ability to edit screenshots on the fly. This means that right after capturing a screenshot, users have the option to edit it, crop it, and share it. Now it looks like Android is about to get a similar feature, except that for now, it will be limited to Google apps, which includes Feed and Search.

The function is more or less similar to iOS 11’s, where as you can see in the screenshots above, after taking a screenshot within a Google app, users will have the option to open up the image to make some edits. From there users will be able to make changes to the screenshot, such as crop it to only show what they want, or even doodle on it to make notes. Once that’s done, users then have the option of sharing it with other apps.

Note that this feature isn’t exactly new and it seems that Google might have come up with this idea before Apple did. This is because back in early 2017, Google had already begun testing out the feature, but it seems that it is only now that the feature is live and available to everyone with version 7.21.

If you’d like to enable this feature, go to the Google app’s Settings page and the Accounts & Privacy section, after which there is a toggle that allows users to “Edit and share screenshots”.

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