Save for Miitomo (which will be shutting down in May), the rest of Nintendo’s mobile gaming efforts have largely been variants of existing titles, such as Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing, and Fire Emblem. Now it looks like another Nintendo classic will be arriving on mobile in the form of “Mario Kart Tour”.

This was announced by Nintendo earlier and according to the company, is scheduled for a release in the fiscal year ending in March 2019. This means that there is a little more than a year that gamers might have to wait, although hopefully Nintendo doesn’t keep gamers waiting that long. However until we get more specifics, that is the timeframe we can look forward to.

Unfortunately details about the game are scarce at the moment and we have no idea how Mario Kart Tour will play on mobile. However given that previous releases have been variants of existing titles and not an exact replica, chances are this could be the same for Mario Kart Tour as well.

Either way it does sound rather exciting given that Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s larger franchises. We should also point out that Mario Kart might not be the only major title to be brought onto mobile because a report from The Wall Street Journal in 2017 suggested that Zelda could be next.

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