Payday 2 was released onto the Nintendo Switch not too long ago, and given that the Switch isn’t exactly known as a powerhouse as far as consoles are concerned, we’re sure some are wondering if Payday 2 on the Switch might be worth it. That’s something the folks at GameXplain tried to find out by comparing the game on the Switch, versus that of the Xbox 360 and PS4.


Now the game has been out since 2013 which means that in terms of graphics, gamers probably shouldn’t expect it to look as good as more recent releases, but as it turns out the version on the Switch looks pretty good. Interestingly despite the PS4 being a modern day console, it seems that it actually took longer to load the game compared to the Xbox 360 and Switch.

This is because of double loading where the PS4 loads once when selecting the mission and another time when starting it, ultimately resulting in a loading time of around 33.13 seconds, versus the Xbox 360 which took 27.06s, while the Switch was the fastest at 22.09s. In terms of graphics, the Switch and the PS4 offered up smoother visuals compared to the Xbox 360, which we suppose is fair given that they do feature considerably newer hardware.

All of this seems to suggest that the Switch version of Payday 2 could be a good buy if you’re looking for a more mobile way of enjoying the game. However we should point out that the Switch version will not have all of its contents at launch, and that key features like voice chat are unavailable for now.

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