The massively popular survival shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has more than 30 million players on both PC and Xbox One with PC contributing to a significant chunk of that figure. Developer PUBG Corp. has been working hard to ensure that cheaters don’t spoil the fun for everyone. It was supposed to release a PUBG anti-cheat update yesterday but the developer has delayed it due to an “unexpected issue.”

The developer confirmed via Twitter today that the patch for the anti-cheat update has been delayed because of an unexpected issue during compatibility testing. It will inform the community about a new release date for the patch once it resolves the issue.

The upcoming anti-cheat patch will “block different helper programs that alter the graphics or aid in gameplay in some way,” this includes ReShade, which isn’t a cheating tool because it’s just used to fix the improve the game’s muted color palette.

However, it does have an unintended side effect, those using ReShade see opponents standing out more against the background and this hands them a leg up on other players. PUBG players won’t be banned if ReShade is detected on their system but they will not be able to play the game until and unless they uninstall it.

PUBG Corp. has also said that after the update, some players will have to reinstall the game to get back online. The patch may also block some software like NVIDIA ShadowPlay and audio/video capture apps temporarily but the developer will attend to those issues in due course.

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