In World of Warcraft, there are many ways to get new mounts in the game. You can either buy them from in-game vendors, or play specific classes that have their own mounts, earn them via drops from raid bosses, earn them through achievements, or the more straightforward approach, buy them from Blizzard.


Now Blizzard’s online store has quite a few mounts to choose from, but if you’re looking for a new mount to add to your collection, Blizzard has announced that they have released a new mount dubbed Shu-Zen, the Divine Sentinel. Based on its design it appears to be a huge flying dog, and given that this is the Year of the Dog for those who aren’t familiar with the Chinese zodiac, we suppose all of this ties in pretty nicely.

According to Blizzard’s description, “As the Golden Lotus worked tirelessly to repair the Vale of Eternal blossoms, a single statue came to life and wordlessly defended them from the Sha that assaulted them. Believed by some to be a sign of good fortune and others to be a gift from the Light, Shu-Zen provides faithful companionship to any that would defend Azeroth from the maddening whispers of the Old Gods.”

The mount is priced at $25 which is more or less standard fare for Blizzard’s mounts. Purchasing it will apply it across your account, meaning that regardless of faction or servers you play on, all your characters should have no problems summoning it.

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