Back in the day, OEMs used to load their own skins with Android on their phones. Given that for the most part most flagship phones tend to feature similar hardware specs, this was one way companies could differentiate their phones from each other. However over time it became clear that users preferred a less cluttered interface.


These days the skins bundled with Android phones are a lot better than what they used to be, but it seems that Xiaomi still believes that perhaps MIUI is the exception. So much so they ran a poll on Twitter that polled users between MIUI or Android One. Unfortunately for Xiaomi it turned out that users much-preferred Android One, resulting in a bit of a PR flub that resulted in them deleting the tweet.

However the results of the poll were saved via a screenshot by user Raju PP in which it shows that Android One was leading at 57%. Given that the number of people who took part in the poll was at 14,769 users, this is by no means a small sample. However exactly how many of those users are genuine Xiaomi customers is a different story.

That being said while this might have left Xiaomi a bit red in the face, it is a good opportunity for the company to take some feedback and perhaps make future MIUI releases a bit “cleaner”. For those wondering about the authenticity of the poll, a thread from last week on Reddit seemingly “confirms” that Xiaomi was indeed running such a poll, but what do you guys think of Android UIs these days? Which skin is your favorite?

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