Apple moved into its new headquarters not too long ago. Dubbed the spaceship, the new HQ in Cupertino, California is a large ring-shaped building with beautiful glass walls. The design seems to flow effortlessly and blends the walls and doors together, but that has proven to be a problem for the company because its employees won’t stop walking into them. According to a new report, at least three Apple employees required immediate medical attention after getting hurt by walking into these glass walls.


It was reported last month that Apple employees who often happen to be glued to their iPhones are smacking into these big glass walls when they’re going from one place in the building to another. It doesn’t really help that these 45-foot tall curved glass panels are kept spotlessly clean.

Recordings of 911 calls obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle reveal that at least three Apple employees walked or ran into these glass walls hard enough to require emergency medical treatment during the first month of occupation.

Some employees had resorted to sticking yellow sticky notes on the panels but they were removed as they distracted from the building’s design. Apple has now reportedly put rectangular stickers on some of the glass doors to try and limit further injuries. It already uses similar stickers on glass doors in some of its retail stores across the globe.

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