Just like a lot of memes, Pepe the Frog started out innocently enough where it was originally drawn as part of a comic series, Boy’s Club by Matt Furie. Over the years it was used in all kinds of way, until the past couple of years where President Donald Trump got ahold of it and where it eventually evolved into sort of alt-right’s mascot of sorts.

Companies and brands and celebrities who have used it in recent times have come under fire for it, which is why it isn’t surprising to see that Blizzard is looking to clamp down on Overwatch players using it especially during competitions. A report from Kotaku earlier this year revealed that a spectator with a Pepe sign had it confiscated by security.

A report from Dot Esports has also confirmed that Blizzard is looking to discourage players from using the meme, such as in the case with Overwatch player Jay “sinatraa” Won who posted the meme before deleting it later.

Blizzard has since confirmed their stance on the meme in a statement to CNET and Dot Esports which reads, “The Overwatch League discourages the use of symbols and imagery which are associated with or used by hate groups, including Pepe the Frog. At Blizzard Arena, it’s our policy that fan signs comply with this policy. We likewise ask the same of Overwatch League teams and players on their social-media channels.”

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