Fake news is a problem because it spreads misinformation which can sometimes cause panic and misunderstandings. While the platforms that create fake news are obviously the problem, social media platforms and services like Google Search also hold some responsibility in helping such misinformation to be spread.

This is why Google has recently announced the Google News Initiative, an effort to improve the quality of journalism which in turn will hopefully cut down on fake news. According to Google, “The GNI signifies a major milestone in Google’s 15-year commitment to the news industry, and will bring together everything we do in collaboration with the industry—across products, partnerships, and programs—to help build a stronger future for news.”

Google also announced the creation of the Disinfo Lab which is aimed at combating misinformation and disinformation at particularly crucial times, such as during elections where wrong information can sway voters, and also during breaking news moments where like we said earlier, the wrong information can sometimes cause undue panic and misunderstandings.

They will also be working with the Poynter Institute, Stanford University, and the Local Media Association to launch MediaWise, an project designed to help younger consumers distinguish fact from fiction online. Google is also expected to spend $300 million over the next 3 years to help them reach their goals.

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