Right now our smartphone notifications are pretty “dumb” in the sense that as soon as something pops up, we are notified straight away, whether it be an email, message, a tag/mention on Facebook, a sales event, and so on. The onus is mostly on the user to manage their notifications and to choose what they want or don’t want to see.

However what if our phones could become smart enough to know what we usually respond to? That’s something that two developers over in Taiwan are trying to do, where through the use of machine learning, our phones could start to learn our habits to determine what notifications it should display and which shouldn’t.

The developers, TonTon Hsien-de Huang and Hung-Yu Kao have dubbed this ‘Clicksequence-aware deeP neural network (DNN)-based Pop-uPs recOmmendation’ or C-3PO, which like we said is an algorithm that learns what users respond to and which they don’t. This is similar to algorithms used on Facebook and Instagram where posts that it thinks we like (based on interactions) are typically at the top, while those less important are buried further down.

It is an interesting project but whether or not companies will integrate it into their platforms remains to be seen. Until then if you’re interested in learning more about their efforts, details about it can be found on Arvix.

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