When digital movies and music were sold piecemeal, it was sort of easy to see why people might turn to piracy. However with the introduction of subscription-based streaming where consumers can pay a flat fee and stream as much video and music as they would like, you would think that it might see a drop in piracy, right?

However that doesn’t appear to be the case, at least not according to a recent report by piracy tracker MUSO where in their latest report (via TorrentFreak), they found that online piracy is more popular than ever. They also found a shift in the way users pirated content, where it appears that more users are turning to streaming websites, although torrents and websites with direct downloads still have a pretty significant user base.

Based on their stats, they also found that the US is the number one when it comes to visiting these pirated streaming websites with a whopping 27.9 billion visits. This is followed by Russia, India, Brazil, and Turkey as far as the top five countries are concerned. What’s interesting is that China, despite it being seen as the hub of piracy, actually came in fourteenth place with 4.6 billion visits.

The report also revealed that mobile piracy is on the rise where for the first time ever, more people were accessing pirated content via their mobile devices compared to desktops which used to be a favorite.

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