YouTube has long offered the ability to download videos for offline viewing, however, this feature was only offered in select markets initially. The company has since been gradually rolling out this feature in additional markets like the United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan. The list of supported countries initially included only 16 but now mentions a total of 125 countries.


As previously mentioned, the list of supported countries for this feature only had 16 countries on the list which included Egypt, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, and others. This list has now been updated with 109 addition countries which means that the feature is being offered in a total of 125 countries.

YouTube’s offline video download functionality appears to have been expanded to the same countries where the company recently released its lightweight YouTube Go app. This means that usersin these countries now have the option to either use the lightweight version or download videos for offline viewing in the full version of the app.

Users should see a fourth button alongside the like, dislike and share buttons which says “Download” and works as advertised. The full list of supported countries is now available on Google’s website so go and check it out if you’re wondering whether or not this feature has gone live in your country.

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