Companies are actively trying to push developers and users towards 64-bit apps as this has more or less become the standard now for both mobile and computing devices. Apple decided to ditch support for 32-bit devices with iOS 11 and it promised to make a similar move for Mac apps as well. The company has now started informing Mac users that 32-bit app support is going to end in the near future.


Apple made the initial announcement during its Platform State of the Union keynote at WWDC 2017. It told developers that macOS High Sierra would be the latest iteration of macOS to have support for 32-bit apps “without compromises.”

New apps that were to be submitted to the Mac App Store in January 2018 had to be of the 64-bit variety and developers would also have to upgrade all existing apps in the App Store to 64-bit by June 2018 if they wanted their apps to remain approved for listing. The company has now started warning Mac users this week that 32-bit apps support in macOS will end soon. A one-time alert has been pushed out to those running macOS 10.13.4 which will trigger once users launch a 32-bit app.

The alert will inform them that the app isn’t optimized for a Mac but it won’t prevent the app from running just yet. What Apple hasn’t confirmed is when it’s going to completely stop supporting 32-bit apps on Mac. It no longer accepts 32-bit apps for listing on the Mac App Store so it may not be long before it hammers in the final nail.

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