‘Synthetic Click’ Attack Discovered For macOS High Sierra

When you click on a button, a link, or an item on your computer, chances are you are doing it with your mouse. However it seems that recently it was discovered that macOS High Sierra is vulnerable to a “synthetic click” attack which is essentially a software-based clicking of the interface, meaning that your computer registers clicks that you might not even have made.

Apple’s Group FaceTime Feature’s Launch Has Been Delayed

One of the new features that Apple announced in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave is Group FaceTime calls. In case the name wasn’t already obvious, basically this allows users to make FaceTime calls together in a group, whereas in the past it was limited to just one-on-one voice and video calls.

New Bug Lets Hackers Compromise Macs During The Setup Process

It is generally thought that a computer fresh from the factory is pretty much as secure as it gets, before software is installed and it is connected to the internet. However that might not be the case with Apple’s Mac computer as security researchers have discovered a bug that could allow Macs to be hacked even before the user logs in for the first time.

Apple Claims 4 Million People Have Participated In Their Software Betas

For the longest time ever, Apple has typically kept its software betas limited to developers. However in the recent years, Apple has since opened up its betas to the public where anyone can download the beta for either iOS or macOS to take it for a spin to check out new features and to give Apple some feedback.


Latest macOS Mojave Beta Lets Users Enable Per-App eGPU Acceleration

While Apple’s MacBook Pros are pretty powerful in their own right, it’s safe to say that these laptops weren’t exactly designed for gaming. However in recent times this has changed with the use of external GPUs (eGPU), such as the Blackmagic eGPU which is the first eGPU sold in Apple’s stores.

macOS Mojave Public Beta Now Available

Just the other day Apple released the public beta for iOS 12 and for those who don’t mind checking out the beta for macOS Mojave, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has also since made the public beta available to all. Previously it was limited to just developers but now it is open to all users.

This Could Be Why FaceTime Is Still Not An Open Standard Yet

Many, many years ago when FaceTime was officially announced, Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs then announced that they had plans to make FaceTime an open  standard, meaning that it would be less of an Apple-exclusive feature and more available to anyone else who wanted to take advantage of what Apple had created.

macOS Mojave Removes Integration With Third-Party Internet Accounts

A recent report from The New York Times revealed that Facebook had apparently been sharing data with at least 60 device makers, with Apple being named as one of them. Apple has since denied this and if you’re looking for more proof that Apple is trying to protect the privacy of its users, macOS Mojave might contain some clues.

Apple Still Has No Plans For A Touchscreen Mac

Over the years as Apple started introducing more features that would sync across both iOS and macOS devices, naturally questions have arisen as to whether or not we could see some kind of hybrid device in the future, such as a Mac computer that supports touchscreen. Apple has denied those rumors for years, and it seems that their stance hasn’t changed.

Apple Shares Details On How iOS Apps Will Run On Mac

For a while many have wondered if Apple would eventually merge its operating systems together, where they would bring iOS and macOS into a single unified platform. If you’re wondering when that will happen, it seems not anytime soon according to Apple’s announcement at WWDC 2018.

Apple Officially Introduces macOS Mojave

If you’re a Mac user, you might be interested to learn that at WWDC 2018, Apple has officially announced the next major update to the macOS platform in the form of macOS Mojave. This will be the latest update to Mac computers which will be expected to officially be released in the later part of the year during the fall.

Apple Unveils Redesigned Mac App Store For macOS Mojave

When Apple launched iOS 11 last year, they also introduced a redesigned App Store that would help make apps more discoverable and also make the store feel less messy. However Apple did not do anything for macOS and the Mac App Store, but just a couple of weeks ago we heard that might change in the next macOS update.

New Leak Hints At Dark Mode Coming To macOS

Dark mode is a feature that we’re starting to see more developers include in their apps. It makes sense because dark mode makes it easier for users to use the app in low light settings without blinding themselves. However this is usually dependent on the app and the developer, which is why sometimes an overarching dark mode on an OS level is preferred.

Philips Hue Sync App Now Available On Windows And Mac

The Philips Hue lighting system is one that is probably known by many who are looking to make their homes smarter. For those who aren’t familiar, the Hue system consists of a series of light bulbs and light strips that can be remotely controlled via a smartphone app. This allows users to change color, set a schedule, adjust the mood, and so on.