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Apple To Crack Down On Email Tracking Pixels
One of the ways people track whether or not you’ve read an email that they’ve sent is by embedding a single near-invisible pixel in the email. What happens is that when the email is opened, the image loads and will notify the sender that you have read the email. While it can be useful, some might find it a bit invasive in terms of privacy.

Some macOS Monterey Features Won’t Be Available For Intel Macs
With all the new features that macOS Monterey will be bringing to the table, we’re sure that many Mac owners are excited to upgrade to it once it becomes available. Unfortunately for some Mac owners, you won’t be able to take full advantage of the upgrade because Intel-based Mac computers will not be getting some of the new features.

macOS Monterey Will Let Other Macs Double As An External Display
Back in 2009, Apple introduced a feature called Target Display Mode that essentially allowed an iMac to be used by another Mac as an external display. The feature eventually retired in 2014, but it seems that with macOS Monterey, Apple might have revived it to a certain extent in a different form.

How To Take Full Page Screenshots In Chrome
Want to take a screenshot of an entire article you’re reading on a website? Instead of taking multiple screenshots and trying to stitch them up yourself, here’s a trick that will help you take full page screenshots in Chrome in seconds.


macOS Monterey’s Universal Control Lets You Work Across Multiple Devices Seamlessly
Apple’s iOS and macOS devices already kind of work together. You can copy a link from either device and paste it on another device. You can also sync up things like Messages, Notes, Calendar, and so on, and there is even a Handoff feature that lets you send certain tasks from one device to another, like continuing to read a website from your iPad to your Mac.

FaceTime’s New Features Makes It A Lot More Collaborative
Apple’s FaceTime pretty much just allowed users to video and voice call with each other. It was a pretty basic feature but it worked, and it also works across iOS and macOS devices which makes it more convenient. However, for those who were hoping for a more feature-rich experience, Apple has delivered.

Apple Exec Thinks The Mac Has An ‘Unacceptable’ Malware Problem
Apple’s Mac computers are not immune to malware. It might not be as common to come across Mac malware compared to Windows, but that’s because there are way more Windows computers in existence compared to Mac, but like we said, Macs are not immune to malware as it does happen from time to time.

Apple Warns Of iPad And Mac Shortages In Second Half Of 2021
Planning to buy a new iPad or Mac computer? If you are, then you might want to do so soon. This is because during Apple’s earnings call for the second quarter of 2021, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that we might have to anticipate iPad and Mac shortages in the second half of 2021.

Apple’s M2 Chipset Reportedly Enters Mass Production
Last year, Apple announced the M1 Apple Silicon chipset. This is Apple’s first Apple Silicon chipset that they will be using to power its future Mac computers, and presumably iPads if the latest iPad Pro is any indication. While the M1 has proven itself to be more than capable, we have to wonder what kind of changes or improvements could Apple have to make it more on par with its […]

Microsoft Teams For macOS Updated With Noise Suppression Feature
If you’re an avid user of Microsoft Teams, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has recently pushed out an update to the software for macOS computers. With this update, Microsoft will finally be bringing the noise suppression feature that was available on PC over to Mac computers.

AirDrop Is Leaking User Information And Apple Has Yet To Fix It
One of the advantages of buying into Apple’s ecosystem is that you get to use brand-exclusive features such as AirDrop, a quick and easy way for users to transfer files to and from Apple devices, like an iPhone to an iPad, an iPad to a Mac, and so on. However, it might not necessarily be the most private of features.

Apple Insists They Have No Plans To Merge The iPad And Mac Together
Apple’s latest iPad Pro comes with an M1 chipset. This is the same chipset used to power other Apple computers like the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and more recently, the brand new 24-inch iMac. This has led some to wonder what this could mean? Could it be that Apple is looking to merge its iPad and Macs together?

You Can Now Run Windows 10 On M1 Macs...Kind Of
If you miss being able to run Windows on your M1-based Mac computer, you’re in luck because the folks behind Parallels Desktop has announced that in the latest version of their software, they are giving users the ability to install Windows 10 on ARM on their Mac computers, although there is a catch.

How To Uninstall Flash Player On Windows 10 + macOS
Now that support for Adobe Flash has officially come to an end, here’s what you’ll need to do if you wish to remove Flash Player from either Windows 10 or macOS.

Latest macOS Beta References Two New iMacs
It is widely expected that Apple will be announcing new iMacs this year. This is because the company is slowly transitioning to Apple Silicon and the iMacs are some of the models that have yet to undergo that transition. Apple hasn’t officially announced anything yet, but the latest macOS 11.3 beta has referenced two new models.

Valve’s Steam Link Now Available On macOS
If you like the idea of being able to play games in your home on any computer, then you might be interested to learn that Valve has released the Steam Link app on macOS. This will allow macOS users to connect to another local computer and stream games from that computer onto their Mac.

Adobe Releases M1 Compatible Version Of Photoshop
As Apple’s M1 computers are still relatively new, it means that in terms of optimized apps, there aren’t that many available at the moment. This is critical because if Apple is hoping to convince more users, especially professionals, to switch over to their M1 platform, they will need to have those apps made available to them.

WhatsApp Desktop Now Supports Voice And Video Calls
WhatsApp has a web and desktop version of its app which more or less does what the mobile version does. Almost. While it does almost everything the mobile version can do, like send messages, photos, videos, and documents, it cannot make voice or video calls, but that’s a feature that they were testing out last year.

Next macOS Update Could Remove Rosetta 2 For Some M1 Macs
In order to help users transition from Intel to M1 based Mac computers, Apple introduced its Rosetta 2 translation software that basically allows x86 apps to run on its M1 computers. However, according to a report from developer Steve Moser, it appears that in the upcoming macOS 11.3 update, it could remove Rosetta 2 from M1 Macs.

Weird Bug Stops M1 Mac Users From Downloading iOS Apps
To help combat the lack of native apps available for the M1 platform, Apple has allowed M1 Mac users to download iOS apps assuming that the developer has made the option available for their app. However, it seems that some users are encountering issues with this where they are unable to download iOS apps from the Mac App Store.