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Face ID Developed For Mac, But Won’t Be Coming Anytime Soon
When Apple brought Touch ID over to their Mac computers, many had rightfully figured that it was only a matter of time before Face ID was also introduced. After all, some of Apple’s Mac computers do come with built-in webcams, so why not fit the Face ID components under there as well, right?

Someone Got Linux Up And Running On An M1 Mac Mini
Not a fan of Apple’s macOS operating system but like the new M1 hardware that accompanies it? Then maybe installing a different operating system could be the answer, and no, we’re not talking about Windows. Thanks to the team at Corellium, it appears that they have managed to get Linux up and running on the M1 powered Mac mini.

M1 Compatible Microsoft Edge Now In Beta
Thanks to the Rosetta 2 translation software, Apple’s M1-powered Macs can run x86 based software. Obviously having native software would be ideal, but at the same time, we suppose we’ll have to give developers more time to create native M1 apps. That being said, it seems that some are wasting no time in doing so.

Apple Removes macOS Filter That Allows Its Own Apps To Bypass Your Firewall
Firewalls are designed to help protect our computers from online threats (to a certain degree), but for some reason, Apple included a filter in macOS to allow its own apps to bypass firewall filters that you’ve set in place. We can only assume that this was done to allow Apple’s apps to run and function as intended, but it’s not so good for security or privacy reasons.


This Is What macOS Could Look Like In Augmented Reality
With rumors suggesting that Apple’s augmented reality glasses could launch as soon as this year, we’re sure that many are wondering what the future could look like for iOS and macOS devices with AR being more in focus. Thanks to 24-year-old designer Dominik Hofacker, we don’t have to wonder anymore.

Microsoft Is Developing A Universal Outlook Web App For Windows And Mac
While having more operating systems to choose from is a good thing as it encourages competition and offers up a variety, it can also be difficult and tricky for developers as they will need to develop apps that are similar across different platforms. Microsoft is hoping to solve this, at least with Outlook, by developing a universal Outlook web app that will work across both Windows and Mac.

Ecosia Is Now One Of The Default Search Engines For iOS
Whenever you search for something on iOS or macOS using Safari, by default it uses Google. It makes sense given that Google is the world’s largest search engine, although we had heard that Google had also apparently paid Apple billions of dollars to remain its default search engine across its products.

Apple Says Ball In Microsoft’s Court For M1 Compatible Version Of Windows
Right now, Apple’s M1 Mac computers do not support Windows, which means that virtualization software like Parallels or dual booting tools like Boot Camp will not let Mac users run Windows. However, it seems that Apple isn’t completely closed to the idea of an M1 native version of Windows to make its way onto their new Macs.

How To Check How Much RAM Is In Your Mac
So you own a Mac and you find that it might be slowing down, so maybe it’s time for upgrade, but how do you check how much RAM you have to begin with? Check out our guide for the details.

M1 Optimized Version Of Google Chrome Now Available
With Apple taking a huge gamble and ditching Intel and its x86 processors, the company is really banking on developers to start developing apps that are native and optimized for their M1 chipsets. This is because without a solid ecosystem, no matter how powerful the chipsets are, no one would want to adopt them.

Apple’s M1 Battery Claims Are Living Up To The Marketing Hype
With the new M1 chipsets that Apple has introduced to its computer lineup, apart from the promise of high-performance, one of the things that really stood out during the presentation was Apple’s claims of insane battery life. The company touted anywhere between 15-20 hours on the new 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Apple To Decrease Its App Store Fees For Smaller Developers
We’re not sure if maybe the lawsuit against Epic is influencing some of Apple’s decisions, but there is some good news for developers who are looking to develop for Apple’s platforms. This is because Apple has announced the launch of a new initiative called the App Store Small Business Program.

Blizzard Updates World Of Warcraft With Apple’s M1 Chipset Support
While Macs aren’t exactly known for gaming, some developers do choose to create Mac versions of their games in addition to Windows. Blizzard is one those developers where the company has been known to create Mac versions of their games alongside Windows, and not just as an afterthought.

Adobe Photoshop Beta Released For Apple’s New M1 Macs
The reviews of Apple’s M1 computers are in and for the most part, they are extremely positive where many are praising the performance of these computers. However, one common thread that all these reviews have is that for now, there aren’t many apps that have been optimized for the new M1 chipset.

Apple Reassures Users That macOS Isn’t Spying On Them
Apple is a company that loves touting how they value the privacy of their customers, but recently, it seems that an incident occurred that called into question Apple’s commitment to user privacy. This comes in the form of Apple’s Gatekeeper tool that basically checks against Apple’s own servers to determine if a piece of software is legitimate or not.

macOS Big Sur Is Bricking Some Older MacBook Pros
Now that macOS Big Sur has been released, we’re sure that some of you might be rushing out to upgrade to the latest version of macOS. However, before you do that, it should be noted that according to several user reports on the MacRumors forum, it appears that the latest update is bricking some older MacBook Pro models.

M1 MacBook Air Emulating x86 Processors Beats Out Some Macs On Benchmarks
To help deal with the fact that there won’t be a ton of native M1 compatible apps available right out the gate, what Apple has done is reintroduce its Rosetta translation software, which comes in the form of Rosetta 2. Basically what this does is that it helps “translate” and emulates x86 apps so that they can run the new M1 chipset.

Animation In Mac App Store’s Graphics Hints At Touchscreen Based Macs
Earlier we reported that during an interview with The Independent, Apple’s SVP of software engineering Craig Federighi seemed to have shut down the rumors that Apple is developing a touchscreen-based Mac. He certainly did not mince words nor was he being coy about it, where he flat out said that Apple was “not remotely considering something about touch”.

macOS Big Sur Will Let Users Run iPhone And iPad Apps
Apple has announced that its next major update to its macOS operating system, Big Sur, is now available for the general public. For the most part, it is a rather typical update with various improvements and new features, but what makes this version of macOS so important is that it is the first macOS to support the new Apple M1 chipsets.

Microsoft Working On Universal Office App For Apple’s M1 Chipset
Developing for two separate platforms like macOS and Windows presents its own sets of challenges, but at least in the past, both platforms did share similar hardware in the sense that it still used x86 processors, but with Apple shifting to its own custom M1 chipset, things got a little more tricky.