Safari Zero-Day Exploit Can Takeover A Mac Computer Entirely

Safari is Apple’s default browser that comes bundled with their iOS and macOS devices. It’s a pretty decent browser but unfortunately, it seems that it might not necessarily be the most secure. This is according to a demonstration made at a white-hat hacker security conference in Vancouver, Canada.

Microsoft Releases Windows Defender Antivirus For Mac

If you have used a Windows PC in the past few years you may have noticed a software from Microsoft called Windows Defender. It’s an antivirus software that is available on Windows PC before and it’s moving to another major platform today. Microsoft is bringing it to macOS and also renaming it to Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection as well.

Apple’s News And Magazine Subscription Service Hinted At In Latest macOS Beta

Apple had recently confirmed that they would be hosting an event on the 25th of March. Details about the event are scarce, but the name of the event, “It’s Show Time”, seems to confirm that it will most likely see Apple announce their streaming service. In addition to that, there have also been rumors that Apple might use the event to launch their new news and magazines subscription service as […]

Apple Offering 10% Bonus When Adding Funds To Your Account

When you make a purchase via Apple’s App Store or iTunes, chances are you might make those purchases by tying a credit card to your account, where you’ll be charged each time you make a purchase. However it seems that Apple would much prefer if users were to load up their accounts with money and are now offering users an incentive to do so.


macOS Will Now Support AMD Radeon RX 560 eGPUs

One of the downsides to pretty much all Apple computers is that they lack the ability to upgrade. This is versus desktop PCs where they are not only easy to be disassembled but adding and swapping out old components for new ones is a relatively easy process. However, the saving grace is that at the very least Mac computers now support external GPUs.

Possible WWDC 2019 Dates Hinted At For 3-7 June, 2019

Typically every year Apple hosts WWDC where they reveal new software changes that will be coming to iOS and macOS. This year’s WWDC dates have yet to be confirmed, but it seems that we might have a rough idea of when it could be kicking off, thanks to the folks at MacRumors who uncovered potential dates.

Apple Has Paid $120 Billion To Developers To Date

It is easy to see why many governments and schools are starting to push programming as an essential subject to learn. This is because these days with our smart devices, apps are what gives it more functionality, which in turn means that there is plenty of opportunity out there available to be capitalized on.

Touch ID On MacBooks Can Soon Be Used For Safari Autofill

When Apple introduced Touch ID on their MacBook Pro laptops, it seemed like a good idea and a faster way to log into the laptop as well as authorize payments. However apart from that, it didn’t really do anything else. However that could change as Apple seems to be expanding on the feature’s functionality.

Hebrew Voice Of Siri Sues Apple For Using Her Voice Without Permission

There are a variety of voice options for users to choose from when it comes to Siri. These voices also vary from language to language, and it seems that in the case of the Hebrew version of Siri, the voice actress behind the voice, Galit Gura-Eini, is suing Apple for using her voice without her permission, which apparently has made her say undesirable things.

Steam To Drop Support For macOS 10.10 Yosemite In 2019

For the most part just like iOS devices, Apple’s macOS devices tend to be pretty well supported. For example my 7-year old 2011 MacBook Air has been on the receiving end of major OS updates right up until macOS High Sierra, which was the last major update my laptop was capable of receiving. That’s a pretty long period of time for support.

Microsoft Office Update For macOS Introduces Dark Mode

A couple of months ago, Microsoft announced that the upcoming update to their Office suite of productivity apps on macOS would soon gain support for dark mode, which is one of the features of macOS Mojave. Given that dark mode isn’t applied automatically to all apps, it’s nice to see developers start to adopt it.

Latest macOS Update Hints At AMD Vega GPUs Coming To More Macs

Last month Apple officially released their MacBook Pros that used AMD’s new Vega GPUs. At the moment these are the only Mac computers that are using it. We expect that more of these GPUs will find their way to other Mac computers in the future, and a recent report from Phoronix (via AppleInsider) seemingly confirms that.

Chrome’s Dark Mode For macOS Will Arrive Early 2019

One of the features of Apple’s macOS Mojave update is that it introduces support for dark mode. This means that when applied, some apps will take on a darker theme that might be easier on the eyes when used in a low-light setting. Unfortunately this isn’t applicable across all apps as developers will need to support the feature as well.

Apple’s CEO Says There Is No Place For Hate On Their Platform

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have come under fire the past few years for apparently not doing much to curb hate speech from making their rounds. There have been instances where it took these platforms longer than they should to remove such content, and Apple wants you to know that they do not stand for it.