Canon’s mirrorless camera efforts have left a bit to be desired, at least compared to what the competition like Sony and Fujifilm are offering to photographers right now. However we have heard rumors that Canon could be working on more powerful models, and according to Canon Rumors, there could be more than one model in the works.

The publication has received a tip in which they were told that Canon is actively developing two prosumer mirrorless cameras of the full-frame variety. We have heard rumors of Canon developing a full-frame mirrorless camera before, but if this report is true then it seems that Canon could burst onto the scene with more than just one model.

The cameras aren’t expected to be announced side-by-side and the flagship model will debut first, followed by the lower-tier camera that is expected to follow about 6-8 months later. However exactly when this debut will take place is anyone’s guess, although Canon reportedly has an event scheduled for mid-May so maybe we could see it then.

Canon had previously expressed their interest in high-end mirrorless cameras. However based on the interview back then, it sounded like Canon was working their way from the bottom to the top, where they plan on covering low and mid-range models to “satisfy all of the demands” in the market before moving onto the higher-end models.

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