Ever wanted to search for something online but didn’t know what to type? That’s where features like Google Lens comes in handy. In fact it looks like Google Lens just got a lot handier because in celebration of National Pet Day, Google has announced an update to Google Lens that will make it capable of identifying cat and dog breeds.

This means that when you point your phone and Google Lens at either a cat or dog, it will be able to identify that breed for you along with more information if you’re curious about that sort of thing. “Recently, we made Google Lens preview available in Google Photos across Android and iOS. Now, when you take a photo of an animal—like a cute cat or dog—you can use Lens to help identify its breed and get more information.”

This isn’t exactly a new feature per se as the folks at Android Police discovered the feature last month where in addition to identifying animal breeds, it seems that Google was also working on making it capable of identifying plants and flowers as well. The update will also introduce a bunch of features aimed at pet owners, where users can label their pets to make it easier to find them in photos, which users can also search by typing their breed or even by using emojis (assuming there’s an emoji for that particular breed).

The changes should already be live so if you have a phone that supports Google Lens, perhaps it could be worth taking for a spin.

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