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It used to be that video editing software would be confusing as heck to use that only professionals can find their way around. However while professional-only apps still exist, and for good reason, there are have also been a release of more straightforward video editing software that even amateurs can use.

In fact Google already bundles something like that with its Google Photos app, but according to a report from Android Police, Google is apparently rolling out a new and updated video editor in its Google Photos app. For those who have used the previous movie editor, Android Police claims that the update will actually make the feature more user-friendly.

This is demonstrated in the screenshot above where the old movie maker is on the left and the new one is in the center. The changes are pretty much night and day where the new one lays it out in a clearer timeline of the various clips that you’ve included, and how much of each is in the final cut.

This supposedly makes it easier and faster to make adjustments for a clip, which on mobile is a huge thing due to screens being smaller. It is unclear how widespread the update is, but Android Police managed to prompt the upgraded by updating to the latest version of the app and then restarting it.

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