While Blizzard’s Hearthstone might typically be seen more as a multiplayer game, there are single-player elements to it that might interest gamers who want to complete quests/campaigns or who are looking to test out new decks and strategy without it affecting their rankings. Recently Blizzard has decided to detail the game’s latest single-player mode.

Dubbed “Monster Hunt”, this will be the latest single-player mode added to the game that will also be part of the Witchwood expansion that was released last week. Monster Hunt mode is expected to be similar to the Dungeon Run mode introduced in Kobolds & Catacombs except with some slight differences.

One of those differences is that players will not be able to pick a class, instead they will have to pick between four characters from the Warcraft franchise. It will introduce 45 new boss characters and a final boss that players will have to defeat, although it seems that this could be a co-op situation as Blizzard teased that it will require four heroes to beat the boss.

It is expected that defeating the final boss will unlock some kind of special reward, like achievements, new card backs, extra booster packs, or maybe a rare/legendary card. In any case the Monster Hunt mode will be made available on the 26th of April, so Hearthstone players will want to keep an eye out for it.

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