Huawei is one of the few smartphone manufacturers that develop their own mobile processors and then use them in their devices. Other companies, such as Samsung, not only uses its processors in its own devices but it also sells them to other customers which may or may not include other smartphone manufacturers as well. That’s not something that Huawei is interested in doing, according to a new report.

During the Huawei Global Analyst Conference in Shanghai earlier this week, the company was asked during a question and answer session if it has any plans of selling its mobile chipsets to other smartphone manufacturers.

Huawei pointed out that it’s not going to position its chipset division as an independent business and that the division already doesn’t aim to generate income by selling mobile chips to other buyers.

Huawei’s Kirin mobile processors provide the company’s handsets with its own hardware architecture and also provide a differentiating factor to its smartphones. The company hasn’t completely ruled out this possibility though, so it’s possible that somewhere in the future Huawei might start selling Kirin processors to other companies but it doesn’t have any immediate plans to do that and might keep it that way for the foreseeable future at least.

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