Razer, the company best known for its gaming peripherals, today announced the launch of its Digital Game Store which aside from digitally distributing games will also reward customers with zSilver loyalty rewards credits for any purchase. To be clear, Razer isn’t setting up its own platform like Steam or Origin. It has basically created an online store where gamers can purchase Steam or Uplay keys.


The Razer Game Store is now accessible at gamestore.razer.com. It provides access to thousands of digital games and gives them loyalty rewards for each purchase. The games are delivered in the form of Steam or Uplay product keys.

So what incentive is there for Steam users to not directly buy a game through Steam but through the Razer Game Store instead? Razer promises exclusive offers, vouchers for games, discounted Razer peripherals on the RazerStore among other perks.

Customers will also earn zSilver loyalty rewards credits with each purchase on the Razer Game Store including credit card transactions. So the incentive for customers to buy from the Razer Game Store is that while they’ll spend the same amount of money on a game as they would on Steam directly, Razer will give them rewards points which they will be able to redeem for other Razer products. You’ll have to earn an awful lot of those points to make any substantial difference, though.

Razer Game Store is live in the United States, UK, Germany and France with localized content, payment methods, prices, and customer support. Other countries will get a global storefront with U.S. dollar pricing.

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