It was reported earlier this week that the licenses for some of the music used in Grand Theft Auto 4 are due to expire soon. It’s not surprising given that the game is now coming up on its 10th anniversary. The report mentioned that Rockstar didn’t plan on renewing those licenses which meant that it would have to remove the tracks from the game. Rockstar has confirmed that this is precisely what it’s going to do.

Grand Theft Auto 4 is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary this month and players who revisit the title on its 10th anniversary will be surprised to see that some of the tracks that they remember are no longer available.

Rockstar has confirmed to Kotaku UK that songs with licenses expiring soon will be removed from the game but instead of signing new licenses for them, Rockstar has decided to add new music as well.

“Due to music licensing restrictions, we are required to remove certain songs from the in-game soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto IV and its Episodes, in particular a large portion of the Russian pop station, Vladivostok FM,” confirmed a spokesperson for the company, adding that some of those songs will be replaced with a new set of songs on that station. The customer support website will be updated with the new information when it’s available.

While an earlier report claimed that the music change will happen on April 26th, Rockstar hasn’t officially confirmed the date yet.

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